Origin Myth

Androo Carey is a Bahamian born graphic artist and illustrator that currently lives in Brighton in the UK.

He is inspired by cephalopods (and other sea creatures), ancient history, mysticism, visionary, psychedelic art and popular culture. He creates his artwork for many purposes but one of his main tenants is to make affordable art that every-day people can own. He combines that desire with his pen and pixel pushing skills to create works that explore the depths of his own imagination. 

Andrew creates detailed drawings of various concepts that span the emotional spectrum - from fear, the unknown and suppression to excitement, self realisation and hope. He uses these drawings to to create screen printed posters.

His art represents an attempt to marry spiritual and natural worlds into images that are consistent, visually appealing and commercially viable.

Let's make awesome stuff

Androo's services include:
- Illustration
- Art Direction
- Graphic Design
- Web Design
- Branding & Identity
- Packaging

Androo is also available for collaborations, commissions and any other sort of design/art related projects.

You can contact Androo here:

Twitter: @androo
Instagram: androocarey


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